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Vermin Control

Vermin Control
Brand: A1 Decoys Product Code: 20016197
Top of the range new rechargeable battery. 12v 7AH Sealed lead acid battery, lasting for hours on our turbo flapper and also perfect for magnets, lasting even longer with our speed controller. Top of the range Quick fit terminals. Approximate weight 1.9kg 150mm x 95mm x 65mm..
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Brand: A1 Decoys Product Code: 6008
A pack of four heavy duty hide poles with a green canvas bag Our hide poles feature a unique twist system to securely grip the pole at the required height, making it quicker and easier to assemble! 4 Hide Poles & Green Carry Bag Features: Features new twist and lock fastening Alloy kicker ..
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Brand: A1 Decoys Product Code: 20014891
Untitled document .st1{font-family:Arial;font-size:10pt;color:#000000} Positive on/off with speed control. Spade shoes for battery end and spade connectors for magnet end (male)..
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Brand: A1 Decoys Product Code: 5707335023111
Flocked Full Body Pigeon Decoys Multi Position Flocked full body pigeon decoys that come with both a peg and feet for each decoy! They are extremely realistic in their detail; colouring and they are full life-size for the ultimate realism out in the field! They are also multi-position, includi..
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Brand: A1 Decoys Product Code: 6885
Fully telescopic body and arms High quality steel powder coated in green for long lasting finish. Adjustable arm angle to give you the perfect decoy height whatever the terrain. Heavy-duty 4 spike foot base for fast installation and great stability. Heavy duty motor Ability to buy extra extensi..
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Brand: A1 Decoys Product Code: 20014893
Untitled document .st1{font-family:Arial;font-size:10pt;color:#000000} Fantastically effective at making your decoy pattern move. This timer turns on and off every 4-5 seconds. 12v applications only. This is for flappers or peckers only - not for magnets...
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Brand: A1 Decoys Product Code: 5519
Full size to support all pigeons Designed by the renowned pigeon shooter Andy Crow New tail feather spreader to ultimate white markings view Wind arms to hold the winds in the fanned position Green powder coated for the ultimate durability and finished to the highest standard Lift the birds off..
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Brand: Acme Product Code: 717668115709
hand made wooden duck call, offers excellent resonance. All English wood, Oak and Elm, capable of deep and far carrying sounds..
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Brand: Acme Product Code: 717668115747
Decoy duck call Made of black plastic 11.8cm x 2.5cm..
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Brand: Acme Product Code: 4468
Acme Decoy Jay / Magpie Call Each Call is carefully assembled to give a faithful reproduction of the typical calls. Made in England. Instructions for Use: Call produced by cupping the base and blowing across the mouth piece..
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Brand: Acme Product Code: 717668115761
Sometimes called the Shepherd’s Lip Whistle made famous by the television program, One Man and His Dog. This professional model enables the dog trainer to create a crescendo of sound in tremendous variety. There are many dog trainers who consider this to be the ultimate in-tune communication with yo..
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Brand: Acme Product Code: 4464
Untitled document .st1{font-family:Arial;font-size:10pt;color:#000000}    ..
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