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Cleaning Kits

Cleaning Kits
Brand: Bisley Product Code: 848820006266
This is a basic kit - will clean both .22 and .177 airguns. 3 piece rod and 3 brushes. Kit contains: 3 piece steel rod Jag/Pellet remover Wool mop in .177 & .22 Bronze brush in .177 &.22 Nylon brush in .177 & .22...
Ex Tax:£20.79
Brand: Bisley Product Code: 5060033410387
Kit not designed for UK fittings Basic cleaning kit for 410G 4 Piece Kit..
Ex Tax:£8.96
Brand: GMK Product Code: 5199
shotgun cleaner..
Ex Tax:£27.92
Brand: GMK Product Code: 848820011901
shotgun cleaner..
Ex Tax:£54.04
Brand: Magic Bore Product Code: 20019621
The Hand Kit and the Drill Kit have been designed to work together to be the ultimate in shotgun barrel cleaning solution. The Hand Kit is designed to be taken with you to a shoot and kept in the back of the car. It is recommended that you use the Hand Kit, every time after you have finished shootin..
Ex Tax:£58.33
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