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Brand: Pard Product Code: 6975064270055
Quickly and easily convert your day scope to night vision perfect for Air Rifle rimfire and centrefire. Built in high power IR illuminator lightweight and compact. Does not affect point of impact viewing range up to 200 meters and has up to 8 hours of battery life!..
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Brand: Pard Product Code: 6975064271717
The UKs best selling night vision add-on, has just got better Convert most traditional day scopes to a night vision predator in a matter of seconds. The latest upgrade to Pards best selling Night vision add-on the NV007SP features a host of changes that will take your night shooting to an all ..
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Brand: Pard Product Code: 6975064270215
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PARD NV007A Night Vision 16mm 4x Scope Attachment The Pard NV007A Series Rifle Scopes Attachments have been designed to be highly performant and portable being able to attach easily and work well, this makes the NV007A a great choice. The NV007A features a high definition OL..
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Brand: Pard Product Code: 6975064271892
Pard TL3 Infared IR Illuminator The light beam of the Pard TL3 850 infrared spotlight can be finely adjusted from concentrated to broad. In the fully open position, its light illuminates a large area, while the narrow light beam allows detection and observation as far away as possible. The bright..
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