Day 3 Update from Italy

Posted by ben 11/06/2018 0 Comment(s)

Saturday - Day 3

It’s been a good, solid, first 150 of the competition so far. All of the layouts are tricky and technical but the shoot has been great so far and an awesome experience! The views and typography around the ground are stunning, unlike any ground I’ve ever shot at before. I had another solid day, having shot pretty much the same score each day. Shaun had a great day shooting 47 with a 25 straight on the Perazzi layout, smashing the infamous ‘special target’.

We spent much of the evening watching the final of the pool shoot, where there was a car to win, and it was great to see both Matt Hance and Martin Myers, both Krieghoff and Hull shooters make the final. The atmosphere at this event was awesome and it really made it an ‘event’ with music and microphones etc. The format was very similar to the PSCA in America, and this is definitely something we can learn from and should adapt in some form in the UK. 

One more day tomorrow, all the GB teams are in good shape going into the final day so fingers crossed for good results! 





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