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WCG Sporting Ltd (West Country Guns) are proud to support Emma Stacey.  Emma uses a Krieghoff K80 Parcour gun with Hull cartridges, both of which are available from us at West Country Guns. 

We asked Emma to write an account of her great success so far this season. 

Here is Emma's account:

It’s got to that time in the shooting season where every weekend brings another selection shoot or Championship! Thus, it’s been a crazy few weeks for Dad and I. It started off with the Somerset Sportrap Championships and 2nd England selection shoot at Southdown over the bank holiday weekend, and then the English Open last week. 

The Somerset Sportrap was held at Meadowcroft, and apparently was much better attended by Somerset shooters than previous years which is good news. I had a rough start with a 19/25 on my first layout with dad shooting 24/25, but then got my act together to go 23,24,24, finishing with 90/100. Dad finished on a good 95 which was enough to win him the Somerset title and I won the Ladies and Juniors titles. It’s always a great feeling to win together!

On to Southdown! This proved to be a bit trickier than previous shoots at Southdown, but in my opinion made a great selection shoot. Aside from one silly clay on my second stand, I was really pleased with my shooting, finishing on 90/100, by far my best performance at a selection shoot. I had hoped, after Dad missed a few easier birds early on, that I might have a chance of beating him, and indeed my first question when we finished was “did I beat you?!” Unfortunately, predominantly because Dad straighted all the hard stands, I feel two short…I’ll try again next time! So all in all, a great competition for us both. Dad finished on 92 (HG 96) to keep him in contention for the Senior team and I finished on 90 which placed me 1st in Ladies and A class. We were blessed with perfect weather all weekend for once, to really top off a great weekend of shooting. 

On to the English Open and Atkin Grant & Lang three days later! Reports were that the shoot was extremely tough, and so it proved to be! It certainly gave my new Hull Sovereign Parcours 6.5s a true test, and I’m pleased to say that they more than stood up to the mark. A testing round for sure, I enjoyed seeing big gaps on some of the targets, although the crows (my absolute least favourite target) were a bit like my own personal hell! A few 7/8s that should have been straights cost me a few targets towards the end, but overall I was very pleased with 96/120. Dad straighted an incredible 8 stands, which was actually one of the highest numbers of the tournaments, but misreading a few birds cost him a place at the top, eventually finishing on a respectable 102. This put us 1st in the parent and child category, a trophy I have always wanted to win, but hadn’t managed up until now.  

I was over the moon when our score of 198 ex 240 held out for us to win Parent and Child by 9 clays. Especially since this was our last chance to win it. No matter what comes next in my clay shooting career, this will always be one of my proudest achievements. Individually, I also finished 1st in Junior Ladies and 2nd in Ladies, which is by far my best Championship result thus far. 

This season has been fantastic so far, and I can’t overstate how much I have loved shooting the Hull Cartridges this year. The Krieghoff/Hull combination is widely used, and I can totally understand why. The pattern and consistency Dad and I get with the combination is phenomenal, and I am sure this has been a crucial part of our success this year. Dad and I use Sovereign 8s with Sovereign Parcours 6.5s and Pro Piston 9s, depending on the clay and I absolutely love them! Especially in conjunction with my Krieghoff Parcours, which is utterly perfect. Honestly, I couldn’t be without it and the balance, along with the lighter weight, makes it the perfect gun for me. Both Krieghoff guns and Hull Cartridges can be bought at West Country Guns. 

For now, a week of work before the British Grand Prix FITASC at Doveridge this weekend.

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