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Final blog

We are now back in the UK after a fantastic week in Italy for the European FITASC Championships. The sun shone, the ground was beautiful, and luckily the thunderstorms predicted for Friday didn’t materialise during the day! 

From a Ladies team perspective we had a bit of a rocky start to the competition but the last two days, and especially the last day, were mega. At the start of Sunday we were 21 points behind France in the team category, and we were very close with Russia and Italy and so the pressure was on to have a good day to get the best medal possible. If I’m honest, I thought silver was definitely attainable, but thought France, who had shot superbly all week, were a bit out of reach. However, it turned out not to be the case as after an awesome effort from the tea we managed to overturn a 21 point gap in one day to win the Ladies team title by 1 clay!!! Standing on the podium hearing the national anthem play out was a very proud moment and one I hope I can repeat at some point in the future. Thank you to Lucy and Pet for being fantastic teammates and giving it their all, we can now say we are European team champions!!! 

I must not go any further without congratulating the whole GB team, every single category won medals with all but the Men’s team winning gold. The men shot fantastically all week and a bronze medal was truly deserved in a very tough category. A massive congratulations to Des and Josh, two new European Champions from the GB squad. Individually Dad finished 12th overall and I finished 7th in Ladies which is a great result to build from going forward. 

We have had a fantastic time in Italy and that is largely to do with the people and teammates we shared the experience with. The atmosphere amongst the team was second to none, and I really do hope this will prove to be a launch pad for GB teams in the future. 

A final thank you must go to all of my sponsors who have helped me so enormously in my shooting journey. To Krieghoff, who have supported me for so long with the perfect gun to me, it was fantastic to catch up with the team at the event. To Hull Cartridge Company, for getting the cartridges out to Italy so I could shoot with my preferred cartridge, Sovereign 8s. To have two Team Hull members in the Ladies team is testament to the quality of this product. To Vario hearing, thank you for your support, plugs were absolutely perfect in the heat, and to Laporte CPC for providing my practice clays, the session Dad and I had with them before we went on teal/quartering from the FITASC performance was instrumental in our team success as I used to really struggle with them and there were lots in Italy and I only missed one!! Thank you all. I am so honoured to be part of these great teams. So proud also to be part of Team GB, Team Stacey and Team West Country Guns. 

Next stop - the World Sporting, where teammates from this week will become rivals! 

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